Mario Benedetti


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  1. Don't Save Yourself
  2. I Can't Still Believe It
  3. If I Could Choose my Landscape
  4. Let's Make a Deal
  5. Little Stones At My Window
  6. Tactic And Strategy

    Biographical information
      Name: Mario Orlando Hamlet Hardy Brenno Benedetti
      Place and date of birth: Paso de los Toros (Uruguay); September 14, 1920
      Place and date of death: Montevideo (Uruguay); May 17, 2009 (aged 88)

      Don't Save Yourself
        Don't save yourself,
        Don't be immobile
        On the edge of the road,
        Don't freeze the joy,
        Don't love with reluctance,
        Don't save yourself now
        Or ever,
        Don't save yourself,
        Don't fill with calm,
        Don't reserve of the world
        Just a calm place,
        Don't let fall your lids
        Heavy as trials,
        Don't speak without lips,
        Don't fall asleep without sleepiness,
        Don't think of you without blood,
        Don't judge yourself without time.
        But if in spite of everything
        You cannot avoid it
        And you freeze the joy,
        And you love with reluctance,
        And you save yourself now,
        And you full with calm,
        And you reserve of the world
        Just a calm place,
        And you let fall your lids
        Heavy as trials,
        And you speak without lips,
        And you fall asleep without sleepiness,
        And you think yourself without blood,
        And you judge yourself without time,
        And you are immobile
        On the edge of the road,
        And you save yourself,
        Don't stay with me.

      I Can't Still Believe It
        I can't still believe it,
        You are arriving to my side
        And the night is a handful
        Of stars and happiness.
        I feel, taste, listen and see
        Your face, your long step,
        Your hands and, however,
        I can't still believe it.
        Your return has so much
        In common with you and me,
        That, because I guess it I say it,
        And because of the doubts I sing it.
        No one ever could replace you
        And the most trivial things
        Become fundamental,
        Because you are arriving home,
        However I still
        Doubt of this good luck,
        Because the pleasure of having you
        Seems to me like a fantasy.
        But you come and it is sure
        And you come with your gaze,
        And for that reason your arrival
        Makes the future magic.
        And although I have not always understood
        My blames and my breakdowns,
        On the other hand I know that in your arms
        The world has sense.
        And if I kiss the audacity
        And the mystery of your lips
        There won't be doubts nor misunderstandings,
        I will love you much more.

      If I Could Choose My Landscape
        If I could choose my landscape
        Of memorable things, my landscape
        Of lonely Autumn,
        I would choose, I would steal this street
        That is previous to me and to all.
        She returns my useless gaze,
        The one of fifteen or twenty years ago
        When the green house was poisoning the sky.
        For that reason it is cruel to leave it in this sunset
        With so many balconies as lonely nests
        And so many steps hoped more than ever.
        Here there will always be, here, the enemies,
        The soft spies of the loneliness,
        Women legs that carry my eyes
        Far from the quadratic equation.
        Here there are birds, rain, some death,
        Dry leaves, horns and lonely names,
        Clouds that are growing in front of my window
        While humidity brings laments and flies.
        However past also exists
        With their sudden roses and modest scandals,
        With their hard sounds of any anxiety
        And their insignificant itch of memories.
        Ah if I could choose my landscape
        I would choose, I would steal this street,
        This recently grown dark street
        The one I bloodily revive in
        And the one of which I know with strict nostalgia
        The number and the name of its seventy trees.

      Let's Make A Deal
        When you feel your wound about to bleed
        When you feel your voice about to sob
        Count on me.
        You know
        You can count
        On me
        Not up to two
        Or up to ten,
        But count
        On me.
        If sometimes
        You notice
        That I look into your eyes
        And a vein of love
        You recognize in mine
        Don't alert your rifles
        Nor think 'What a delirium',
        In spite of the vein
        Or perhaps because it exists
        You can count
        On me.
        If several times
        You feel me
        Unsociable without reason
        Don't think 'What a slack',
        The same way you can count
        On me.
        But let's make a deal,
        I would like to count
        On you,
        It is so nice
        To know you exist,
        One feels alive
        And when I say this
        I mean count
        Even though it's up to two
        or even though it's up to five,
        Not to make you come
        Hasty to my aid
        But to know
        That you know you can
        Count on me.

      Little Stones At My Window
        Once in a while
        Joy throws little stones at my window
        It wants to let me know that it's waiting for me
        But today I'm calm
        I'd almost say even-tempered
        I'm going to keep anxiety locked up
        And then lie flat on my back
        Which is an elegant and comfortable position
        For receiving and believing news

        Who knows where I'll be next
        Or when my story will be taken into account
        Who knows what advice I still might come up with
        And what easy way out I'll take not to follow it

        Don't worry, I won't gamble with an eviction
        I won't tattoo remembering with forgetting
        There are many things left to say and suppress
        And many grapes left to fill our mouths

        Don't worry, I'm convinced
        Joy doesn't need to throw any more little stones
        I'm coming
        I'm coming.

      Tactic And Strategy
        My tactic is
        Looking at you,
        Learning how you are,
        Loving you as you are,
        My tactic is
        Talking to you
        And listening to you
        To build with words
        An indestructible bridge
        My tactic is
        Remaining in your memories
        I don't know how
        Nor with which pretext
        But remaining with you.
        My tactic is
        Being frank,
        And knowing that you are frank,
        And not selling each other
        So that between us
        There is no curtain
        Nor abyss.
        My strategy is,
        Deeper and
        My strategy is
        That one of these days
        I don't know how
        Nor with which pretext
        You finally
        Need me.