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On this site you will find a selection of poems by the best poets from all over the world; this anthology includes 59 poets from 14 countries. The poets are divided into categories so that you can surf easily; the categories are the following:
    - Authors who write in English (45)
    - Authors translated into English (14)
    - Authors listed by countries

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Famous Poets

Literary Blogs

Dance with Words An invitation to dance with words from a Guyanese/Canadian Poet.

Jack Bowman Artist, poet, performer and writer.

Margot Van Sluytman Margot Van Sluytman site.

Stephen Leake Leake is a teacher poet and a member of the Poetry Society (Covent Garden). He recently was commended for his poem 'Epitaph' in the Ottakar's Faber 9th Annual Competition.
Steve Heine His poetry is taught in shools all over the world.

Thehittmann's Creative Mind Thehittmann's creative Mind is a collection of poems written by Thehittmann (Shaun Wittmann).

We Love Poems A page to share your poems and read poetry.


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