Manuel Altolaguirre


    Biographical information

  1. Closing My Eyes
  2. Go Away
  3. How Lonely You Were Inside
  4. I Just Know That I Live In Me
  5. Loneliness Without Forgetfulness
  6. The Flight
  7. Transparencies
  8. Wickedness
  9. Your Words

    Biographical information
      Name: Manuel Altolaguirre Bolín
      Place and date of birth: Malaga (Spain); June 29, 1905
      Place and date of death: Burgos (Spain); July 26, 1959 (aged 54)

      Closing My Eyes
        I do escape from the wrong that angers me
        Looking for the well I need.
        More than the hardships I have
        My hopes do hurt me.
        Tempests of desires
        Against the walls of dawn
        Break their waves. Tumults
        That rise blind me.
        Nest in the sea. Cradle floating.
        The flower that fights in the water
        Sustains me in the deep sea
        And throws me out of the sea.
        I close my eyes and I look
        The inner time that sings.

      Go Away
        My dream has no place
        For you to live inside. There is no place.
        Everything is a dream. You would disappear.
        Go and live far away,
        You that are alive. If my thoughs were
        Of iron or stone
        You would stay here.
        But they are fire and clouds,
        What the world was in the beginning,
        When nobody on it was alive.
        You cannot live here. There is no place.
        My dreams would burn you.
      Go Up

      How Lonely You Were Inside
        When I leaned out to your lips
        A red tunnel of blood,
        Dark and sad, collapsed
        Until the bottom of your soul.
        When my kiss penetrated,
        Its heat and its light gave
        Tremors and frights
        To your surprised meat.
        From then the roads
        That drive to your soul
        You don't want them to be deserted.
        How many arrows, fish, birds,
        How many caresses and kisses!.

      I Just Know That I Live In Me
        I just know that I live in me
        And I´ll never know who I am,
        I don´t know where I´m going
        Or how long will I stay here.
        Dressed of life or death,
        Or naked without dying
        Behind the walls of this castle
        That is my life.
        Or free flying the sepulchral
        Limits of the sky
        Tearing grey veils,
        Unknowing my future, my ends.
        I don´t know what prison will hold me
        Neither what freedom I am looking for
        Nor into what river my life will run
        When I die.

      Loneliness Without Forgetfulness
        What a sadness today!
        I have told everything,
        Overturning completely
        What weighed so much,
        And see then that everything
        Always stays inside.
        That the words were
        Deceiving mirrors,
        Inhabited glasses
        For breathless ghosts;
        That everything stays inside
        With their dark presences,
        Insistent, hurting.

      The Flight
        When seeing where you do escape
        Blissful I would change
        The interior paths of your soul
        For those of cheerful fields.
        If your flight would be
        Over green roads
        And on the foams,
        And you could be seen in my eyes,
        I would know how to follow you.
        Not toward inside you,
        Where you go into,
        When wanting to follow you
        I crash against the walls of your body.
        Not toward inside you,
        Because we are not:
        You, pale, hidden,
        Me as waiting in front of a door,
        Before your cold chest.

        I did right when I hurt you,
        Unknown woman.
        When hugging you then
        In a different way,
        How true love,
        The only one, we felt!.
        As the piece of furniture and the cloth, your nude
        Had no longer importance below the air,
        Under the soul, under our souls.
        We no longer understood about that.
        It was the floor of a celestial
        Environment, imponderable.
        We were transparencies
        Sublime, hot.

        The silence is you.
        Full as a dark thing,
        As a great plain
        Deserted, lonely,
        Without music of palms,
        Without flowers, without words.
        For my attentive hearing
        You are deep night
        Without possible dawns.
        I won't hear the light of the day,
        Because your obstinate pride,
        Blond and high, impedes it.
        The silence is you:
        Petrified body.

      Your Words
        Resting on my shoulder
        You are my right wing.
        As if you opened
        Your soft black feathers,
        Your words to a white
        Heaven elevate me.
        Exaltation. Silence.
        Sat down I am on my chair,
        Bleeding my shoulder,
        Hurting me your absence.