Gustavo Adolfo Becquer


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  1. A Tear About To Fall Showed At Her Eyes
  2. A Woman Has Poisoned My Soul
  3. Dark Swalows Will
  4. For A Glance, The World
  5. I Wasn't Surprised At Your Forgetfulness
  6. Intermezzo No. 55
  7. Know If Someday
  8. Our Passion Was A Tragic Sketch
  9. She Has Hurt Me Hiding In The Shadows
  10. Sighs Are Air And They Go To The Air
  11. The Sun could Cast An Eternal Shadow
  12. Two Red Fire Flames
  13. What Is Poetry?
  14. When We Evoke Again
  15. Why Do You Tell It To Me?
  16. You Say You Have A Heart
  17. You Were The Hurricane And I

    Biographical information
      Name: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
      Place and date of birth: Sevilla (Spain); February 17, 1836
      Place and date of death: Madrid (Spain); December 22, 1870 (aged 34)

      A Tear About To Fall Showed At Her Eyes
        A tear about to fall showed at her eyes
        And a excuse word at my lip.
        Proud did talk and she dried her tear
        And the word died on my lips.
        Now I go my way and she goes her
        But when we think about our love,
        I still say 'Why did I shut up that day?'
        And she says 'Why did not I cry?'.

      A Woman Has Poisoned My Soul
        A woman has poisoned my soul,
        Another one has poisoned my body;
        None of them came to look for me,
        I don't complain for none of them.
        As the world is round, the world rotates.
        If tomorrow, rotating, this poison
        Does poison in turn, who can accuse me?,
        Can I give more than I was given?

      Dark Swalows Will
        Dark swallows will hang their nests of your balcony,
        And they will knock you on the window playing once again.
        But those that refrained their flight,
        To gaze at your beauty and my happiness,
        Those who learnt our names,
        Those will not return any more
        Dense honeysuckles will climb the walls of your garden,
        And every afternoon they will open their flowers for you once again,
        Even lovelier than before.
        But the honeysuckles full of rain we used to look together,
        And whose drops saw fall and shine as tears of the day,
        Those won't return any more.
        Burning words of love will play in your ears once again,
        And maybe your heart will leave its deep dream at least.
        But silent, entranced and on my knees,
        As only God can be adored before the altar, as I have loved you
        Make no mistake, no one will love you that way!

      For A Glance, The World
        For a glance: the world;
        For a smile: the heavens;
        For a kiss I don't know
        What I would give for a kiss!

      I Wasn't Surprised At Your Forgetfulness
        I wasn't surprised at your forgetfulness!
        Although I admired much more your affection of past days,
        Because what in me it's worth something,
        That you could never suspect it.

      Intermezzo No. 55
        Often when two are parting,
        Each grasps a hand as friend;
        And then begins a weeping
        And a sighing without end.

        We did not sigh when parting;
        No tears between us fell;
        The weeping and the sighing
        Came after our farewell.

      Know If Someday
        Know if someday your red lips
        Burn invisible burned atmosphere,
        That the soul that can speak with the eyes
        Can also kiss with the glanze.

      Our Passion Was A Tragic Sketch
        Our passion was a tragic sketch
        In whose absurd fable
        Comedy and drama confused
        Caused laughs and crying.
        But the worst in that history
        Was that at the end of the day
        Tears and laughs played for her
        And for me only tears.

      She Has Hurt Me Hiding In The Shadows
        She has hurt me hiding in the shadows,
        Sealing her betrayal with a kiss.
        She surrounded my neck with her arms and
        She left my heart in cold blood behind my back.
        And she follows her road,
        Happy, smiling, dauntless, and why?
        Because it doesn't sprout blood from the wound,
        Because the died is standing up.

      Sighs Are Air And They Go To The Air
        Sighs are air and go to the air.
        Tears are water and go to the sea.
        Tell me, woman: when love is forgotten,
        Do you know where it goes?

      The Sun Could Cast An Eternal Shadow
        The sun could cast an eternal shadow,
        And the sea could run dry in but a chime;
        The earth's axis could break
        Like crystal fine.
        Anything could happen! Death enswathing
        Could cover me with its mournful attire;
        But in me your flame of love
        Could never expire.

      Two Red Fire Flames
        Two red fire flames
        That hug the same trunk
        They get close and, kissing each other,
        They form a single flame.
        Two notes that of the lute
        A hand plays at the same time,
        And in the space they met each other
        And harmonious they hug each other.
        Two waves that come together
        To die on a lonely beach
        And while breaking they feel crown
        With a silver pride.
        Two shreds of vapor
        That get up from the lake
        And, when joining there in the sky,
        They form a white cloud.
        Two ideas that sprout at the same time,
        Two kisses that at the same time explode,
        Two echoes that join together
        This is our two souls.

      What Is Poetry?
        'What is Poetry?' You ask as you nail
        Your blue pupil on mine.
        And is it you who ask it to me?
        Poetry is you!

      When We Evoke Again
        When we evoke again
        The fleeting hours of past,
        A tear about to fall,
        Trembling shines in your black lashes.
        And finally it slides and falls
        As drop of dew when thinking
        That which today per yesterday
        Per today tomorrow
        We both will sigh again.

      Why Do You Tell It To Me?
        Why do you tell it to me? I know it: she is mutable,
        She is arrogant and vain and capricious,
        The water will sprout from the sterile rock
        Sooner than the feeling from her soul.
        I know that in her heart, nest of snakes,
        There is not a fiber that belongs to love;
        That she is an inanimate statue but
        She is so beautiful!

      You Say You Have A Heart
        You say you have a heart,
        And you just tell it because you feel its beats;
        That is not heart, it's just a machine
        That at the same time it moves it makes a noise.

      You Were The Hurricane And I
        You were the hurricane and I the high tower
        That challenges its power:
        You had to smash or to fall
        It could not be!
        You were the ocean and I the strong
        Rock that, straight, awaits its sway:
        You had to break yourself or to pull me up
        It could not be!
        Beautiful you, I proud: accustomed
        One to roll, the other one not to giving up:
        Narrow the way, unavoidable the crash
        It could not be!